English Title: Armored Core 2
Japanese Title: アーマード・コア2
Publisher / Developer: FromSoftware
Genre: Mech Action
Released: Aug. 3, 2000
Product Codes: SLPS-25007 / JAN 4949776382018

The first PS2 release in what would become FromSoftware's flagship franchise for a great many years. The formula changed little through the roughtly one-dozen releases on the PS2: build a robot, use it to complete missions or fight in arena, and use the money you earn doing so to build a better robot to pilot. The controls were a sticking point for this franchise for its entire PS2 lifespan; rather than using the two sticks to control movement and camera, they use a tank-type setup using the D-pad and shoulder buttons that has a steep learning curve. As such, the series never really escaped its niche status, even though just about every title was released worldwide.

One of the few titles that supported i.Link for system link multiplayer. Unwieldy, but fun if you can get it set up properly. It also proudly proclaims USB mouse support, even though it's only for the emblem editor. Lame.