English Title: beatmania IIDX 9th style
Japanese Title: ビートマニアIIDX 9th style
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCE Studio
Genre: Rhythm
Released: Mar. 24, 2005
Product Codes: VW269-J1 (SLPM-65946) / JAN 4988602118919

9th style was something of a turning point for the IIDX series. Gameplay? Still the same old IIDX. But the arcade version ran on big bad new hardware, so everything looks a lot nicer, with a cleaner UI and nicer accompaniment videos. Also 87 tracks! Whoo!

Supposedly, the much-maligned US release of beatmania is built off 9th style, only recolored and with a different track selection. I'll need to replace this one eventually, as my copy's missing the manual... -_-