English Title: City Crisis
Japanese Title: シティ クライシス
Publisher / Developer: Syscom Entertainment
Genre: Flight Action
Released: Jun. 28, 2001
Product Codes: SLPS-20101 / JAN 4517120300027

This is a PS2 game? If not for the draw distance and lack of texture warping, I'd swear this was a PS1 title. Granted, it's a really early title from a tiny developer so it may well have started life as a PS1 game. Still butt-ugly, though.

This is basically a really arcadey flight game where you pilot a helicopter around a city airlifting people from burning buildings, putting out the fires (by shooting missiles at them for some reason), then taking the survivors to safety. Fun for a few minutes, but there isn't really much lasting appeal here, especially since the entire game map seems to be the same dense Japanese city landscape.

This got released worldwide, though the US version is rather odd in that it doesn't have the title printed on the spine! Also, even though this is the Japanese release, all the voiceovers are still in (terrible) English. Curious!