English Title: Combat Queen
Japanese Title: コンバットクイーン
Publisher: Taito
Developer: General Entertainment
Genre: FMV Rail Shooter
Released: Aug. 1, 2002
Product Codes: TCPS-10054 (SLPM-65169) / JAN 4988611202104

Imagine the simplest, most boring rail shooter you can; add cheesy FMVs featuring girls in tight leather cast only for their looks; now add pointless Resident Evil-style third-person action sections of no particular consequence. Congratulations, you've got Combat Queen.

Seriously, this ranks up there with the Sega CD "classic" Sewer Shark for bad FMV games. One particularly baffling decision is that your life bar and weapon power are shared; firing your weapon depletes your life energy. The only way to recharge this energy is at the end of a level, but you only regain part of it depending on your hit rate. The enemies move erratically and are a pain in the butt to hit, so the whole thing is just needlessly frustrating.

Not even Eiko Koike with an assault rifle can save this one.