English Title: DearS
Japanese Title: ディアーズ
Publisher: MediaWorks
Developer: Vridge
Genre: Japanese-style Adventure
Released: Jun. 24, 2004
Product Codes: SLPS-25371 / JAN 4942330426319

Vridge (and their progenitor, Starlight Marry) made their name with the Yukyu Gensokyoku series, which basically took the Tokimeki Memorial template of scheduling and visual novel-style dating, then removed the dating element. DearS is them sticking it back in.

It's based on the manga-cum-anime series of the same name by PEACH-PIT, and as you can tell from the image above, features plenty of cute alien anime ladies. If that doesn't float your boat, then there's pretty much nothing else here to recommend.

This is the limited edition, which is supposed to come with a cardboard sleeve, a drama & soundtrack CD, and some holographic postcards. Guess what my copy came with none of? Yep, all those things! :D