English Title: Densha de GO! FINAL
Japanese Title: 電車でGO!FINAL
Publisher / Developer: Taito
Genre: Train Simulator
Released: May 27, 2004
Product Codes: TCPS-10085 (SLPM-65590) / JAN 4988611204016

Ever wondered what it's like being a train conductor in Japan? Well, if it's anything like Densha de GO!, you get a pay dock for going 5cm past the station markers, and lose your job if you're more than 20 seconds late to a stop.

The original arcade edition launched an enduringly popular franchise for Taito, and brought in more than a few imitators (the most well-known being Ongakukan's Train Simulator series, which uses actual camera footage from the featured routes and has actually seen crossovers with Taito's series). While FINAL wasn't the last entry in the series, it's supposedly one of the better entries, featuring four famous routes to try your conductor's cap at: Yamanote, Chuo, Osaka Loop, and Tokaido. There's also an "enjoy" mode with relaxed restrictions, and a train museum mode with footage of all sorts of trains.

Of course, if you aren't a train otaku and have never lived in Japan (read: no nostalgia for the famous routes reproduced in the game), then none of this really means anything to you. It's too arcadey to give the zen-like state modern "Simulator" games often do, but it's an utter bore if you aren't already invested.