English Title: Duel Savior Destiny
Japanese Title: デュエルセイヴァー ディスティニー
Publisher: Alchemist
Developer: GIGA
Genre: Visual Novel / Beat-'em-Up
Released: Dec. 22, 2005
Product Codes: ALCH-00004 (SLPM-66139) / JAN 4562168541048 - 4562168541031

Alchemist was responsible for a lot of deporned eroge, but this one's an oddity among them: it's a fighting game! Well, sort of. It's also sort of a beat-'em-up, and sort of a visual novel. It's also odd in that all the character are tiny chibis the fly all over the screen. Most characters have similar moves, and there are dozens that get unlocked throughout the story mode. The whole thing is floaty and unbalanced, and feels a lot like a cheap dojin game, but could be good for multiplayer in short bursts... if there were actually a two-player mode.

Seriously, even Kurohime has a versus mode, how can this be single-player only? What a waste.

This is the limited-edition "Messiah Box" which includes a drama CD and a small plastic figure.