English Title: Enter the Matrix
Japanese Title: エンター ザ マトリックス
Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Genre: Action
Released: Jun. 19, 2003
Product Codes: SLPS-25254 / JAN 4543112141132

Remember when The Matrix was a big deal? This adaptation came out at the height of the franchise' saturation, about when people realized things would have been much better if they'd stopped after the first film and left the rest of the story to the audience's imagination.

The story ties in with the second film, with the player controlling Niobe and Ghost, two of the supporting characters from the film. There was a big deal made at release about "expanding the universe" or some such bullshit, and there's a bunch of film clips with the original actors including some shot specifically for the game. So at least that is nice fanservice if you're still nuts for the franchise.

The game itself is a decidedly mediocre, bog-standard action game. EGM apparently gave it a particularly scathing review, saying it's "a complete mess, and that's the only thing complete about it." Ouch.