English Title: Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced
Japanese Title: トリガーハートエグゼリカ エンハンスド
Publisher: Alchemist
Developer: Warashi
Genre: Scrolling Shooter
Released: Mar. 29, 2009
Product Codes: SLPM-55052 / JAN 4562168541505

Another middling shmup, this time with the actually-pretty-cool gimmick of tethering enemies and tossing them around at other enemies. There's also a silly, pandering moe mecha-musume thing going on here, if you're into that sort of thing.

This was the last of several different versions of the game. While the Xbox 360 port removed most of the extra content from the Dreamcast version, resulting in a stripped-down bare-bones port of the arcade original, this PS2 release goes in the opposite direction, haphazardly bolting on all sorts of extra bits like a fully-animated intro, a new playable character (Faintear, previously only a boss character), and a heavy-handed story mode that serves no practical purpose.

The Dreamcast release is still objectively the best version of the game, but getting to play as Faintear here is actually a really neat bonus for fans of the game. It's a slightly janky port, but still perfectly playable. This limited-edition release also includes a cute little Exelica Nendoroid figure.