English Title: Fantavision
Japanese Title: ファンタビジョン
Publisher / Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
Released: Mar. 9, 2000
Product Codes: SCPS-11002 / JAN 4948872110020

This launch title was intended mostly as a graphical showpiece for the PS2, and is a relatively simple action puzzle game based on chaining together fireworks explosions. The graphics are definitely very nice, especially for such an early title, not to mention the music is fantastic and the whole retro-'50s style -- later incongruously reused in the bizarre 'adventure pinball' game Flipnic -- is definitely unique. Unfortunately, this really is a case of style over substance, as the game itself has little depth, but it's fun for a few rounds at least.

An enhanced two-player sequel with new stages and music called Futari no Fantavision was released a couple years later, but never made it out of Japan.

I need to get another copy of this, as mine refuses to play. Probably because there's a giant circle scratch on the disc...