English Title: Guilty Gear XX Λ Core
Japanese Title: ギルティギア イグゼクス アクセントコア
Publisher / Developer: Arc System Works
Genre: Fighting
Released: May 31, 2007
Product Codes: SLPM-66746 / JAN 4510772070010

The third major revision of GGXX, after #RELOAD and Slash. The game itself is not bad, but stay far, FAR away from this particular release -- it's a buggy, broken mess that was rushed to market. Apparently there's even a memory card corruption bug, but I haven't dared put it in my system to find out. Arcsys actually put out an official apology for this release, it's that broken. Skip this and go straight for Λ Core Plus. Seriously.

Well, unless you have one of the international releases or other ports, those are all fine and fixed most of the major problems. But you could still just go straight to Λ Core Plus and not be missing anything.