English Title: .hack//G.U. saga-trilogy
Publisher: Bandai
Developer: CyberConnect2
Genre: Episodic RPG
Released: May 18, 2006 / Sep. 28, 2006 / Jan. 18, 2007
Product Codes: SLPS-25651/SLPS-25652 / SLPS-25655 / SLPS-25656
JAN 4582224491094 / 4582224491117 / 45822244911124

After the success of the original .hack games, and the media franchise taking off, there was no question there would be a follow-up series in the same format as the original. If you care about the story, then you probably don't care so much that the gameplay is only a marginal improvement over the original series.

Same as before, this box set includes a bonus anime DVD called .hack//G.U. Returner which is essentially an epilogue to the .hack//Roots TV series. These items were this time given out as a preorder bonus for the third game. Frustratingly, there is space in the box for one other item -- presumably either a CD jewel case or a small booklet of some sort -- but there's no information anywhere as to what was actually meant to fill that gap. Gah!