English Title: Hippa Linda
Japanese Title: ひっぱリンダ
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Developer: Treasure
Genre: Stretch Action
Released: Dec. 6, 2001
Product Codes: SLPM-62109 / JAN 4997766200149

This is the unusual story of an unusual little girl... who earns points to fight her grotesquely-corrupted sisters by using her sentient, possessed scarf to stretch and explode women with breasts so large they completely obscure the rest of their body.

Even with their less-ambitious titles, Treasure's designers were clearly partaking in substances of dubious legality.

Also known as Stretch Panic or Freak Out, this is one of Treasure's projects where the central concept just falls flat. The idea is that Linda's scarf can grab and stretch any part of the environment or enemies, dragging them around, snapping them to deal damage, or using them to boost and jump around. Everything is slow and awkward, though, and simply not much fun.

The real killer though is that the game is designed as a boss-rush against each of Linda's sisters, but you're forced to gather points in sparse, empty arena stages before you can enter the boss areas. They could have built proper platforming stages using the stretch mechanic, making reaching the bosses interesting, or gone the Alien Soldier route and made the entire game a string of increasingly-intense boss battles. The halfway-house that wound up hitting shelves, however, is almost down there with Light Crusader as their least interesting game to actually play.

I'll need to replace this one eventually, as the cover is quite sunfaded (it's supposed to be a solid orange). =_=