English Title: Hooligan ~Kimi no Naka no Yūki~
Japanese Title: フーリガン 〜君のなかの勇気〜
Publisher: PCCW Japan
Developer: FrontWing / VR-1 Japan
Genre: Visual Novel
Released: Aug. 29, 2002
Product Codes: SLPS-25145 / JAN 4907859112198

After a a mysterious meteorite crash-lands on you, you wake up and suddenly find that you've been split into three distinct beings. Your evil side has become the mysterious "Rival", while some hidden part of your sub-conscious has transformed into a strange dog-like guide creature calling itself "Isao". Meanwhile, you've also seemed to have developed superpowers...? But of course, so has your evil side, so you need to find a way to stop him.

You've got three factions you can pursue -- genki girl superhero, shrine maiden sisters, and alien mad scientist with robot minions -- and a healthy dose of generic anime "comedy", ostensibly in the name of parody. Fights play out using a simple card battle system. Nothing groundbreaking in the least.

One of many "de-porned" ports of PC adult games to home consoles. Character art is courtesy of Happobijin. This is the limited edition which comes in a cardboard box and includes a tiny little plastic doll you can dress up as some of the characters. That's staying in the plastic wrapper, right where it is.