English Title: Hungry Ghosts
Japanese Title: ハングリィゴースト
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Deep Space
Genre: Adventure
Released: Jul. 31, 2003
Product Codes: SCPS-15046 / JAN 4948872150460

Well, you're dead. Whether you were a good person or not, it doesn't really matter. You were a great warrior who sent a great many souls to wallow in the underworld, and now that you're joining them, they're none to pleased. You've got to make your way through purgatory and reach the gates of hell to face your final judgment. Your actions on the way there will lay out your true nature... Are you greedy? Wasteful? Quick to anger? Benevolent and helpful? You'll find out when you reach judgment.

Holy crap, this feels like a FromSoftware game. In the most basic sense, it's a first-person adventure game, but everything is just so immensely oppressive, perfectly tuned, and beautifully hideous that it's more than that. Unfortunately, I'll probably never know, as the atmosphere was just too dark for me and I had to turn it off after about an hour. If you can handle the pressure, this seems like a fantastic piece of work to get lost in.

I'll need to replace this one at some point, as my copy is missing the manual. >_<