English Title: Ikkitōsen: Shining Dragon
Japanese Title: 一騎当千 Shining Dragon〜
Publisher: Marvelous Interactive
Developer: Dream Factory
Genre: Beat-'em-Up
Released: Jul. 26, 2007
Product Codes: SLPS-25797 - SLPS-20498 / JAN 4535506300423

Ikkitōsen really should be a no-brainer for a good action game, while this is anything but. According to the Japanese Internets (capitalized because it's A Thing), this is a blatant reskin of Dream Factory's earlier Fighting Beauty Wulong game -- and this isn't even the first time they pulled that stunt (compare Crimson Tears and Appleseed EX). They've somehow managed to make it worse, though, by pulling out the 2-player mode which might have given it at least one redeeming quality.

Basically, no matter what mode you're playing in, you start in a tiny enclosed arena, fight a handful of popcorn baddies, then the boss appears and you fight them. Land your special move, and their clothes rip open just like the anime! It's all incredibly easy and simplistic, and a fantastic example of the "otaku will buy anything" attitude some publishers have. Even *TamSoft* of all studios managed to make a better game from the license with their side-scrolling PSP bralwers. Amusingly, the official "genre" for this game in Sony's database is "big tits hyper battle". Stay classy, Marvelous.

This is the limited edition which has a different cover, and comes with a drama CD and a mini-game that gets its own disc for no reason whatsoever. It's just a Track and Field style button-mashing box-vaulting game where you make Ryomo Shimei jump over ever-taller stacks of boxes until you inevitably fail.

This actually very nearly got a US release from the tiny publisher Valcon Games. This fell through not because the game is awful, but because the clothes-ripping would have garnered the game an M rating from the ESRB. Valcon didn't want to release it with an M rating, but also knew fans wouldn't have wanted a censored version, so in the end it was abandoned. Trust me, this was for the best.