English Title: I/O
Japanese Title: アイオー
Publisher: GoodNavigate
Developer: Regista
Genre: Sci-fi Adventure
Released: Jan. 26, 2006
Product Codes: GN-05015 / JAN 4571164030159

Interesting-looking sci-fi visual novel that combines near-future cybernetic computer hacking, the armageddon, and heavy influence from Babylonian mythology ('sup, Ishtar). Can't speak for the quality of the writing as I haven't gotten more than about 30 minutes in, but this sort of thing is totally my bag, so I'll likely get to this one sooner rather than later.

Gives you a choice of four different scenarios, each taking place at a different time with a different protagonist. Depending on your path through each of them, you unlock different options in the others, and once certain information has been unlocked, a fifth final scenario opens up.

Character art is courtesy of Hiro Shiono (then known as SOYOSOYO), while the story is by KID veteran Takumi Nakazawa (Infinity series). This limited edition includes an artbook with production sketches and guest illustrations, a rubber wristband, and a pointless solar-powered phone charm that does nothing but blink a low-quality image of the characters. Well, the artbook is cool, at least.