English Title: Itadaki Street 3: Okuman Chōja ni Shite Ageru! ~Katei Kyōshi Tsuki!~
Japanese Title: いただきストリート3 億万長者にしてあげる! 〜家庭教師付き!〜
Publisher: Enix
Developer: Crea-Tech / TamSoft
Genre: Board / Party
Released: Feb. 28, 2002
Product Codes: SLPM-62112 / JAN 4988601003537

Digital board game about stocks, investing, and property trading. Think Monopoly, only not terrible. A little slow, but seems to be a great multiplayer game with the right crowd.

This series actually originated from a mini-game in Dragon Quest III, and of course has bits of DQ fan service here and there, though the follow-up title took it up to eleven and went full-in with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy references. Fortune Street on the Wii was the first title in this series to leave Japan.