English Title: Kanojo no Densetsu, Boku no Sekiban. ~Amilion no Ken to Tomo ni~
Japanese Title: 彼女の伝説、僕の石版。 ~アリミリオンの剣とともに~
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Best Media
Genre: Visual Novel
Released: Dec. 18, 2003
Product Codes: SLPM-65392 / JAN 4527823992177

While most romance-style visual novels are obvious self-insertion fantasies -- as evidenced by the plethora of faceless or blank-slate cypher leads these games tend to have -- but this one cranks it up a notch and literally makes you the author inside the story.

Ostensibly, the story is about a team of girls -- each one fitting a different anime archetype: the friendly priestess, the big sister leader figure, the hyperactive loli, the naive servant girl, and of course the hot-headed fighter chick -- trying to save their kingdom from some nebulous, ill-explained evil. You literally fall into their world through a program on your laptop, get proclaimed a savior sent by the gods, and then use said program to direct the story as it proceeds.

What this amounts to is that instead of choosing your romantic target through (relatively) natural dialogue, you just click on their picture and hey, there they are like that's exactly what they were going to do anyway. To say it's a little creepy would be putting it lightly.

Also saw a release in D3's Simple 2000 series. The derpy, overly polished character designs come courtesy of adult illustrator Kantori (NSFW).