English Title: Love Smash! 5 -Tennis Robo no Hanran-
Japanese Title: ラブ★スマッシュ!5 〜テニスロボの反乱〜
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: HuneX
Genre: Sports / Tennis
Released: Nov. 13, 2003
Product Codes: SLPM-65394 / JAN 4527823992207

A slightly less-budget sequel to the Simple 2000 Ultimate title Love Smash. All-female tennis with jiggly plastic girls in vaguely outlandish courts. Also, some sort of story about an evil tennis-playing (female) robot. It's the only tennis game I've seen with Dead or Alive-style ending CG videos, I'll give it that.

Compared with the original Simple 2000 release, there's a few new characters, extra costumes, and slightly more-polished character graphics. Unfortunately, they took out the doubles mode and all the male characters, and the game itself is still impossible to play. Simply returning a serve is an exercise in frustration.

Somehow managed to get pushed back to the Simple 2000 Ultimate series for *another* release, but the only tangible difference is marginally higher-poly character models. Because that's the only thing it needed, right?