English Title: The Magician's Academy
Japanese Title: まじしゃんず・あかでみい
Publisher: Enterbrain
Developer: Tomcat System
Genre: Moe Moe Simulation RPG~
Released: Jun. 7, 2007
Product Codes: SLPS-25775 / JAN 4541993013593

Moe-tastic turn-based strategy game based on a light-novel series that is pretty much Zero no Tsukaima in reverse. The main character is an unremarkable magic school student who winds up summoning an infinitely powerful monster as his personal familiar -- and she just so happens to be a cute tanned girl in hotpants. Though to be fair, in this universe, *everything* summoned through magic is a cute girl, because of course that makes perfect sense don't question it.

The game itself is a straightforward turn-based strategy game in the Tactics Ogre mold. Move your characters around the grid, attack, use magic, use items... wash, rinse, repeat. Basic stuff. Doesn't help that the in-game graphics would look unimpressive even on the PS1. The character art courtesy of BLADE has that distinct moe look of inappropriately adding sexy on top of cute, for extra shame.