English Title: Musō Orochi: Maō Sairin
Japanese Title: 無双OROCHI 魔王再臨
Publisher: Koei
Developer: Omega Force
Genre: Action
Released: Apr. 3, 2008
Product Codes: SLPM-66953 / JAN 4988615028359

Ah, historical fiction crossover fun. Who cares that the Chinese Three Kingdoms and Japanese Warring States periods were 1200 years apart when you can bring them together and add demons! Hell, let's mix Onimusha in and bring Jean Reno in, too. (Unfortunately, this is not a thing that ever actually happened to my knowledge.)

Actually the full-fledged second title in this sub-series, released elsewhere as Warriors Orochi. Amazingly, neither of the first two games got any cheapo expanded editions -- well, except that weird PSP version that added in Rachel from Ninja Gaiden, but the PSP hardly even counts as a game system. Right?