English / Japanese Title: NUGA-CEL! Nurture Garment Celebration
Publisher / Developer: Idea Factory / Lupinus
Genre: Simulation RPG
Released: Jul. 20, 2009
Product Codes: SLPM-55192 / JAN 4995857090716

Idea Factory are nothing if not the lowest common denominator in otaku pandering. See that nonsensical title? It's actually a play on the word nugaseru (脱がせる), which literally means "to strip (someone)". This is a game about dressing girls up in various cosplay, making them fight each other, and seeing who can make their opponents' clothes explode first. Stay classy, Idea Fuck.

The characters are courtesy of KEI, who is better known as the creator of Hatsune Miku. Meanwhile, the story is penned by Saki Hasemi, who cut his teeth as a game designer in the '90s, and made his name as the author of manga To LOVE-ru. He's obviously a man who knows his underdressed teenage anime girls. Er.

This is the limited edition release which includes a digital artbook DVD and a prologue novel "supervised" by Hasemi. Which means it was probably ghostwritten by some Idea Factory staff writer.