English Title: PachiPara 14 ~Kaze to Kumo to Super Umi in Okinawa~
Japanese Title: パチパラ14 〜風と雲とスーパー海IN沖縄〜
Publisher / Developer: Irem Software Engineering
Genre: Gambling / Adventure
Released: Jul. 26, 2007
Product Codes: SLPS-25787 / JAN 4536592000495

The last PachiPara title on the PS2, and unfortunately, the last true Pachi-Pro Fūunroku game as well -- it was cut in the series' move to the PS3, and only returned on the 3DS as a more traditional dating sim. This one is set four years after the previous game, and kicks off with your character attempting suicide. Probably not the sort of content you'd expect from that cover, right? The big new feature this time is that your character can join an acting troupe and act in plays. Oh, and there's still pachinko in there somewhere, of course.