English Title: Sanyō Pachinko Paradise 8 ~Shin Umi Monogatari~
Japanese Title: 三洋パチンコパラダイス8 〜新海物語〜
Publisher / Developer: Irem Software Engineering
Genre: Gambling / Adventure
Released: Mar. 27, 2003
Product Codes: SLPS-20261 / JAN 4536592000327

While the earlier Pachinko Paradise releases were straight sims, here's where they actually started to get a bit interesting. This entry marks the introduction of the Pachi-Pro Fūunroku (roughly translated as "Pachinko Pro Travelogue") series, which are essentially Pachinko-themed adventure games.

This one is still pretty basic, but does include a few neat features like customizing your protagonist's room and minor dating sim elements, and it kicks off a murder-mystery story that continues over the next three titles. Of course, it's still full of pachinko, but is that really surprising?