English Title: Red Ninja: Kekka no Mai
Japanese Title: 紅忍 〜血河の舞〜
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Developer: Tranji Studio
Genre: Sexy Wire Action
Released: Mar. 3, 2005
Product Codes: SLPM-65945 / JAN 4562181700064

So-called "sexy wire action" ninja stealth game by the short-lived Tranji Studio. Released outside Japan as Red Ninja: End of Honor. A thoroughly-average take on the early Tenchu formula. The stealth is half-assed, the action is floaty and imprecise, but the game is playable.

However, beyond Kurenai's overinflated kimono and a mechanically-unnecessary option to kill enemies through "seduction" (basically cozying up to them, followed by a kunai stab to the neck), the game doesn't even follow through on its promise of "sexy action" -- a classic case of slapping a pair of tits on the cover just to drive sales. If you've already played out Tenchu and Shinobido, it might be worth a look, but don't expect anything particularly compelling.

The character artwork provided by Korean artist D.K might be the best part of the game. It's certainly the most stylish, at least.