English Title: Simple 2000 Series Vol.80: The Oneechamploo ~The Neechan Tokubetsuhen~
Japanese Title: SIMPLE2000シリーズVol.80 THE お姉チャンプルゥ 〜THE姉チャン特別編〜
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Tamsoft
Genre: Action
Released: Jun. 23, 2005
Product Codes: SLPM-62638 / JAN 4527823993105

Updated re-release of The Oneechanbara that cleans up some of the technical issues of the first version, and adds two new playable characters with their own story modes. Naturally, one of them is D3's virtual idol Riho Futaba. I wonder if this game is canon for her character? Does she start telling old war stories of slicing up zombies if you get her drunk in Dream Club?

Released in Europe as Zombie Hunters.