English Title: Secret Game -Killer Queen-
Japanese Title: シークレットゲーム 〜KILLER QUEEN〜
Publisher: Yeti
Developer: Regista / FLAT
Genre: Survival Adventure
Released: Aug. 21, 2008
Product Codes: SLPM-55027 / JAN 4944445079176

Survival adventure game with a similar concept to Dangan Ronpa -- you and a group of other people have been trapped somewhere, told that the only way anyone is going to escape is if people start dying -- though it's based on a dojin game that actually predates Spike's hit franchise.

One key element of the game is that you can -- and must -- bet on which other prisoners will die. The better their odds of survival, the more you'll earn should they wind up pushing daisies, whether or not you're the one holding the shovel. This is important, as the rules of "the game" say that you must have earned enough from the deadpool within 72 hours if you want to leave alive -- if you don't, then there's a certain explosive device strapped to your neck that would like to remind you of its presence...

This is the limited-edition release of the game, which includes a drama CD that's just full o' spoilers if the warning on the disc is to be believed.