English Title: Sengoku Basara X
Japanese Title: 戦国BASARA X
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Arc System Works
Genre: 2D Fighting
Released: Jun. 26, 2008
Product Codes: CPCS-01036 / JAN 4976219025980

Guilty Gear X with more bishies. Quite possibly the most phoned-in game Arcsys has ever produced -- there's a reason people always forget about this one, even if they remember, say, Battle Fantasia. Or Exector. (Okay, it's not THAT bad.) Character selection is anemic, and there isn't really anything interesting going on mechanically. Only worth tracking down if you're a hardcore Sengoku Basara or Arcsys fan.

This weird limited-edition release includes a "voice card game" that includes a CD full of voice tracks and a whole mess of cards. It all looks incredibly convoluted and pointless. Some nice artwork on the cards, at least -- the scans below are just a sampling.