English Title: Summon Night Granthese ~Horobi no Ken to Yakusoku no Kishi~
Japanese Title: サモンナイトグランテーゼ 滅びの剣と約束の騎士
Publisher: Banpresto
Developer: Flight-Plan
Genre: Action RPG
Released: Mar. 11, 2010
Product Codes: SLPS-25947 / JAN 4582224499274

A perfectly serviceable action RPG, from the few hours I've put into this one. Retains the dual-character system from Exthese, though simplified a bit with the characters leveling up in tandem rather than separately as before. Will come back to this one...

Of note for several reasons. The first fully-3D Summon Night game. Flight-Plan's last game before their bankruptcy. Quite nearly the last original full-price game on the aging PS2 -- an honor Flight-Plan decisively had on the PS1 with Black/Matrix 00.