English Title: Super Galdelic Hour
Japanese Title: スーパーギャルデリックアワー
Publisher: Enix
Developer: EXRAYS / Polygon
Genre: Mini-Game Collection
Released: Mar. 29, 2001
Product Codes: SLPM-65021 / JAN 4988601003438

Christ, I think this might be the single most embarassing game I own. You know all those pandering Simple 2000 games that exist primarily to showcase jiggling female character models? Crank that up to 11 and give it an actual budget and a respectable publisher. There are three things in the game, and three things only: simple, repetitive mini-games; fetish outfit shopping; and extended closeups of girls in tight outfits bouncing around. Wrapping it in psychedelic faux-'60s futurism -- with music by the Space Channel 5 people at Wavemaster -- is the icing on the voyeuristic cake.