English Title: Suzunone Seven! ~Rebirth Knot~
Japanese Title: スズノネセブン! 〜Rebirth knot〜
Publisher: Alchemist
Developer: Clochette
Genre: Visual Novel
Released: May 27, 2010
Product Codes: SLPM-55243 / ALCH-00027 / JAN 4562168541666 / 4562168541659

The magic school you attend has a tradition: Every year, the seven worst students in the school get put into forced cohabitation, and told to either get their grades up or get kicked out. Naturally, you've been picked as one of the Suzunone Seven! And naturally, most of the others are cute, abnormally busty ladies (plus one pettanko for good measure). Study? What now?

One of the many, many de-porned eroge that got ported to the PS2 in its twilight years. They must have done a fairly thorough sanitizing if this managed a 12+ rating with a cover like *that*. Of course, they had to add something to make up for what's missing, so this version features two additional skirts to chase, as well as re-recorded voiceovers.

This limited edition is actually a pretty nice package. There's a drama CD and a music CD, each with their own full-color keep cases, plus a full-color mini-artbook that includes character profiles and notes from the artist (Hitoshi Oshiki) and the author (Fuminori Aki). Oddly enough, the game itself is just the regular release stuffed into the LE package.