English Title: Honō no Takuhaibin
Japanese Title: 炎の宅配便
Publisher: Success
Developer: POT
Genre: Stealth Action
Released: Oct. 19, 2006
Product Codes: SLPM-66395 / JAN 4944076004097

"My name is Jiro, and I deliver to my customers in the name of LOVE, JUSTICE, and LOW PRICES!"

Take the Crazy Taxi formula, swap the passenger delivery for package delivery, add a story about an evil shipping company trying to take over the world, and the douse it in a heavy marinade of BURNING SHONEN VIGOR, and this is what you'll get. It's silly, over-the-top, and feels like a Simple 2000 game that knocked it out of the park.

Production-wise, it's pretty cheap, with rather bland graphics and passable gameplay, but it's obvious the developers had a ton of fun making it. With character art courtesy of '80s shonen veteran Kazuhiko Shimamoto, and music by Koji Hayama of Cho Aniki fame, it doesn't even really matter that it feels like a budget game. Besides, you fight bosses by bashing them with your delivery cart. How is that not awesome?