English Title: Thunder Force VI
Japanese Title: サンダーフォースVI
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Gulti
Genre: Scrolling Shooter
Released: Oct. 30, 2008
Product Codes: SLPM-55096 / JAN 4974365832124

Was this really necessary, Sega? Technosoft did a fine job tarnishing their legacy without you stepping in to help. Why even bother resurrecting a ten-years-dormant franchise when you're just going to hand it off to an inexperienced B-team and push out a rushed, buggy mess of a game? Incidentally, this one's got a memcard corruption bug, so anyone who picks it up, be forewarned.

The game itself, well... it's not terrible, I guess. It doesn't feel all that much like Thunder Force, with the music in particular giving off a Darius vibe more than anything. Most everything in the game is lifted wholesale from previous entries in the series, and it's also quite short, even for a shmup. It all feels so... pointless.