English Title: Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse
Japanese Title: ティンクルスタースプライツ 〜La Petite Princesse〜
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Developer: Now Production
Genre: Scrolling Shooter
Released: Jul. 28, 2005
Product Codes: SLPS-25534 / JAN 4964808300631

Twinkle Star Sprites is a veritable classic in the Neo Geo library, shining brightly as a unique competetive shooter/puzzle game amid a sea of 2D fighters. It plays mostly like your average vertical shmup, only you can launch enemies and volleys of fire at your opponent (or even a boss if you build up enough meter), with the goal of knocking them out before they do the same to you.

The original game was Pretty Damn Cute™, and this sequel cranks that element up to eleven, featuring myriad moe characters in nothing but pastels. Both games actually feature art by the same person, Mimori Fujinomiya, though his(?) style clearly evolved quite a bit in the eight years between the two games.

This entry doesn't really add anything to the formula, but it's still a really fun game to play multiplayer. It's also possible to unlock the original Neo Geo version of the game after completing certain conditions. Considering the price of pretty much every release in this series, this is a great way to get both the original and a pretty nice sequel.