English Title: Vampire Panic
Japanese Title: ヴァンパイアパニック
Publisher: Sammy
Developer: AlfaSystem
Genre: Action / Adventure
Released: Jun. 24, 2004
Product Codes: SLPM-66419 / JAN 44988601004589

It surely says something about the sales of a game when there's a "first print limited edition", and that's the only version of the game that ever got released. This is an action-adventure game (read: action game with not much action) where you have to hunt vampires in a town that's being ravaged by them. Plenty of awesome escort missions where you have to protect townsfolk from being turned into vampires.

This "limited" edition includes a demo of the PS2 Berserk game, along with that ugly badge on the cover touting that as a feature. Curiously, the demo is on a DVD, while the game itself is on a regular CD-ROM.