English Title: Wizardry Xth ~Academy of Frontier~
Japanese Title: ウィザードリィエクス 〜前線の学府〜
Publisher / Developer: Michaelsoft
Genre: Dungeon RPG
Released: Feb. 24, 2005
Product Codes: SLPM-65840 / JAN 4571197190011

You know what Wizardry needs? More moe anime school tropes and cute catgirls. Good thing there's Wizardry Xth, or MoeWiz as the 2ch scene likes to call it. Michaelsoft isn't exactly a household name, but they'd been around for a while, making... well, Wizardry games for Starfish along with the odd port here and there.

It's all kinda low budget, but this game actually has quite a following. Randomly-generated dungeon-crawling, ahoy! Not really my kind of game, but the character art courtesy of Sakurako is quite stylish.