English Title: Wizardry Xth ~Unlimited Students~
Japanese Title: ウィザードリィエクス2 〜無限の学徒〜
Publisher / Developer: Michaelsoft
Genre: Dungeon RPG
Released: Mar. 23, 2006
Product Codes: SLPM-66300 / JAN 4571197190035

More MoeWiz means more cute moe monsters, more randomly-generated dungeons, and a bit more polish than the previous release. The back of the box talks about how everything is bigger and better, from the amount of monster and character types all the way down to the size of the letters on the screen.

You might have actually played this game without realizing it. How, you ask? Well, the PSP title Class of Heroes is quite literally an ugly, hacked reskin of an aborted PSP port of this game. It's anyone's guess how this happened, because Michaelsoft no longer exists, there's no licensing credits, and none of the companies involved will so much as even acknowledge it. Shady...