English Title: Zero no Tsukaima: Muma ga Tsumugu Yokaze no Fantasy
Japanese Title: ゼロの使い魔 夢魔が紡ぐ夜風の幻想曲
Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment
Developer: Russell
Genre: Visual Novel
Released: Nov. 29, 2007
Product Codes: SLPS-25830/SLPS-20502 / JAN 4535506300652

More moe tsundere harem action, and by action I mean visual novel. Similar to the first game, only they've cut out the pointless battle bits and moved the setting to modern Tokyo (it's hand-waved as Louise's magic "went out of control"). The "TsunDere System" also now has a slot machine that decides what events trigger, because that makes as much sense as anything else.

The limited edition this time is a much nicer package, including a mini art + manga booklet and a bonus game, Zero no Tsukaima: Fantasy Force. The game is an 8-bit-style sidescrolling shooter starring Louise, which feels like a rudimentary Parodius clone. Fun for a few plays, though it does feature excellent music by the one-and-only Chibi-Tech.