Putt-Putt to Parade ni Ikou!

1994.12.02 Media Vision

Directed By Ron Gilbert

Designed By
Laurie Bauman, Annie Fox, Ron Gilbert
and Shelley Day

Written By
Laurie Bauman and Annie Fox

Programmed By
Tami Borowick, Bret Barrett and D.C. Timoney

Background Art By Dev Madan

Animation By
Derek McCaughan, Augie Pagan, Dev Madan
and Brad Carlton

Additional Art By Dennis Clevenger

Music By Tom McMail

Audio Engineer
Thomas McGurk

Audio Director
Laurie Bauman

Lead Tester
Kristina Sontag

Testing By
Damon Conklin, Dean Luce, Beau Folsom
Paul Rybick, Mat Medina, Day Evans
Brett Perkerwicz and Michael Barnes

System Programming
Ron Gilbert, Brad P. Taylor and Aric Wilmunder

Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

Featuring Jason Ellefson as Putt-Putt

Copyright 1993 Humongous Entertainment, Inc.

Credits from the Japan 3DO release.
Image Source
© 1994 Media Vision / Marubeni / Humongous Entertainment