Majaventure: Negi Mahjong

1987.??.?? Technopolis Soft

majaventure project staff 98/88

negi mahjong planner
nao and onion

main graphics created by
nao graphics lab.

negi mahjong produced by
satoshi nombe tanaka

title logo pattern created by
ohhk 30 production

programed for PC-9801 by

programed for PC-8801 by

graphics routine created by
onion and good software

negi mahjong published by
technopolis soft
tokumashoten intermedia inc.

thanks for
test player members
xkd laboratory
Ana software

Special thanks to
GPM members
and ALPHAX members
as game advicer

copyright mcmlxxvii (c)
nao and onion company presents.
all rights reserved.

Credits from the Japan PC98 release.
Image Source
© 1987 Technopolis Soft / Onion Software / Nao Graphics Lab