1995.07.21 Coconuts Japan Entertainment

an sci production

based on original characters
licensed from
allied vision and the
big red trading company

animation by
bob plested
glenn broadway
virgil manning
fergus mcneill

additional graphics by
cameron kerr
anthony hicks
steve aplin
iain nichols
russell dunham

playback engines by
john chasey
steve haggerty
yvo zoer

pc install program by
dave bowler

additional programming by
dave bowler
david wilson

network + technical support
warren humphreys

music by
steve hillage
miquette giraudy

sound by
russel dunham
fergus mcneill

testing manager
chris lipscombe

testing by
matt sansam
jim loftus
rob henderson
mike wolliston
rob lewtas
ben gunstone
adrian moore

executive producer
jane cavanagh

technical development manager
john chasey

creative development manager
fergus mcneill

produced by
rob henderson

directed by
bob plested

sci would like to thank
chris ford, andy payne and pete stothart
from wavefront uk, bill ennis, ken farnen,
chris comley, human machine interfaces inc
(for their sound operating system)
silicon graphics inc.

copyright © 1994 sales curve interactive

Credits from the Japan PS1 release.
Image Source
© 1995 Coconuts Japan Entertainment / Soft Vision International / Sales Curve Interactive / Allied Vision / The Big Red Trading Company