1997.11.27 S.P.S.

Hybrid developed by Motivetime Limited

- Hybrid Development Team -

- PJ Wake -
Game design and programming,
character concepts, story, level design,
Playstation code, PC devtool code,
level construction, event code, enemies,
sound effects, various art,
and animation system.

- J McFee -
2D + 3D Art and Design
Level texturing, character visuals,
gun design, 2D + 3D object art,
and menu art.

- S Barnecutt -
3D Art
Gun movels, 3D object art, intro animation,
and enemy design and construction.

- M Stimpson -
Additional devtool coding and level construction.

- J Coelho -
Level construction and event code.

- P Dobbin -
3D Art
Enemy design, animation and construction.

- J Batchelor -
3D Art
3D object art, intro animation and design.

- J Rowney -
2D + 3D Art
Language screen, game completion renders.
Elite logo animation and 3D object art.

- R Phillips -
3D Art
Intro animation and 3D object art.

- P Cloney -
3D Art
3D object art.

- A Batham -
3D Art
Groovy broken wall object.

- J Muggeridge -
Sound effects

- Game Music by PC Music -

- Testing and Level Evaluation -

- P Bradley -
- K Raybould -
- S Mallen -

- Management -

- P Bradley -

- D Luczywo -
Development Manager

- K Wilcox -
Sales and Publisher Liason

- S Phillips -

- S Wilcox -
Executive Producer

Thanks to...

S Lacey
P Taylor
R Frankish
J Money
A Taylor
G Knight
A Jones
J Potter

- Hybrid Japanese Version -

- Publisher -
SPS Co., Ltd.

- Executive Producer -
Tomohisa Konno

- Producer -
Masafumi Aoki

- Director -
Tadahiro Senuma

- Translation -
Ryoichi Mochizuki

- Special Thanks -
Toshiaki Abe
Hiroshi Nakamura
Masahiro Mogi
Yukio Yoshida
Akihito Andou
Kimihito Ono
Kenshi Hoshi
Youko Hanzawa

Developed by Motivetime Ltd.
Published and distributed under
license from Elite Systems Ltd.
by S.P.S. Co., Ltd.
Sublicensed by Four Winds Software Inc.
Copyright 1997 Motivetime Ltd.
All rights reserved.

The End

Credits from the Japan PS1 release.
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© 1997 S.P.S. / Motivetime / Elite Systems / Four Winds Software