Over Drivin' DX

1996.04.19 Electronic Arts Victor

Lead Programmer
Wei Shoong Teh

Senior Programmer
Brad Gour

Dave Lucas
Laurent Ancessi
Shelby Hubick
Daniel Teh
Funky Swadling
Michael Pohoreski

Additional Programming
Jay MacDonald
Victoria Wong
D. M. Abrahams-Gessel
David W. Bullock

Lead Artist / 3D Modelling
Kent Maclagan

Scott Jackson
Peter King
Robert Sculnick
Dejan Stanisavljevic
Tom Graham

Track Modelling
Sheila Allan

3D Modelling
Markus Tessmann

Lead Audio
Alistair Hirst

Jeff Dyck
Saki Kaskas
Alistair Hirst

Recording Engineers
Jeff Dyck
Edwin Dolinski

Video Technician
Richard Mul

Development Director
Brett Bradstock

Technical Director
Brad Gour

Art Design
Scott Jackson

Producer / Designer
Hanno Lemke

Asst.Producer / Designer
Scott Blackwood

Production Assistant
Serena McGabe

Product Manager
Peter Royea

International Development:

Associate Producer
Foster Hall

Assistant Producer
Yoko Ando

German Voice-over
Egon Hoegen
Rolf Dieter-Busch
Martin Siebel

Japanese Voice-over
Toru Furuya

Japanese Staff:
Takashi Mori
Takashi Yamaguchi
Satomi Ishii

Q.A. Project Coordinator
Steve Livaja

Quality Assurance Lead
Michael Mann

Q.A. Backup Lead
Jeff Hutchinson

Darren Sleno
Tim Lewinson
Peter Saumur
Cary Chao
Paul Breland
Martin McQueen
Adam Mackay-Smith
Gordon Thornton
Andrew Teal
Shane Berezowski
Ted Nugent

Road & Track:

Feature Editor
Douglas Kott

Otis D. Meyer

Car Schematics
Bill Dobson

Photography Provided by
Road & Track

Additional Photography
Guy Spangenberg
Ron Perry

Special Thanks:
Lord British
V. Paul Lee
Chris Roberts
Andrew Scott
Elias (Leo) Soursos
Randy Mainwood
Lawrence Malley (Mazda Canada)
Bruce Iggulden (Corvette Specialties Auto Group)
W.A.M. Sharx Recreational Services
Frank Barchard
Iain Macanulty
Rick Friesen
Jay Page

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used under license by Electronic Arts

Dolby and the double-D symbol
are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories
Licensing Corporation

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Credits from the Japan PS1 release.
Image Source
© 1996 Electronic Arts Victor