Pooh-san no Minna de Mori no Daikyousou!

2002.09.05 Tomy

Disney Interactive

Produced by:
Chaun Ralls
William ''Chip'' Beaman

Senior Producer
Fritz Bronner

Vice President Product
Development, Console
Dan Winters

Concept Art
Mary Ann Ramirez

Marketing Manager
Donald Polite

Manager, Quality Assurance
David Arnspiger

Supervisor, Quality Assurance
Douglas Jacobs

QA Project Lead
Genevieve Roestel

Senior Tester
James Collard

QA Test Team
Mike O'Brien
Steve Lewis

QA Operations and Support Team
Suzan Carne
Susan Flores

Localized by
Philippe Juton
Kirsten Chidley

Special Thanks
Disney Interactive Staff
Sue Fuller
Catherine Duperron
Terence Mosca-Toba
Carole Degoulet

Disney Character Voices Staff
Douglas Carrigan
Randy Coppinger
Rick Dempsey
Rita Kedineoglu
Ned Lott
Beth Glenday

With the Voice Talents of:
Jim Cummings
Ken Sansom
Andre Stojka
Steve Schatzberg
Laurie Maine
Nikita Hopkins
Michael Gough
Brady Bluhm
Peter Cullen

Video Editing and Compression
Forward Never Straight Productions

Audio Editing
Sonic Boom Sound Productions

Doki Denki

Studio Director
Pascal Stradella

Project Manager
Gilles Baril

Senior Producer
Olivier Gaudino

Game Design Manager
Marc Albinet

Pre-Production Art Director
Pierre Bracconi

Animation Manager
Bénédicte Peyrusse

3D Department Manager and Wizard
Emre Yaliniz

Programming Manager
Denis Dufour

Scenery Programming Manager
Hugues Fournaise

Code Lead
Denis Roussel

Antoine Chavasse
Vincent Coste
Jean-Vincent Lamy
Mikael Muller

Main Game Designer
Bruno Marion

Game Designers
Benjamin Bonnefille
Pascal Cammisotto
Christophe Garnier

FMV and In-Game Character Animations
Vincent Beaufrère
Roxan Carle
François Delnord
Anatole Huynh van Phuong
Xavier Lacombe
Damien Pougheon
Jean Christophe Serme
Jean Baptiste Vandamme

FMV and In-Game Character Modeling
Vincent Beaufrère
Roxan Carle
François Delnord
Damien Pougheon

Art Director and Graphic Coordination
Alban Perret

2D Artwork and 3D Set Construction
Gaël Chaize
Pedro Fernandez
Fabien Gallégo
Albert Videt

Scenery Programming
Romuald Beaucamps
Pacôme Magnin

In-Game FX and FMV Compositing
Jean-Philippe Maras

Fred Capuano

FMV Story Boards
Yann Le Pon

Sound Effects
Laurent Frick

Philippe Codecco
Guillaume Saurel

Made with NC2tech

Special thanks to:
Anne-Marie Bacso

Kantaro Tomiyama
Shigeki Yanagisawa
Toshihiro Morioka
Suguru Yokota
Jun Tainaka

Disney Character Voices International
Daizo Tsushi

With the Voice Talents of:
Shun Yashiro
Kiyoshi Komiyama
Tessho Genda
Naoki Tatsuta
Toshiya Ueda
Yuuta Ogura
Mahito Tsujimura
Shin Aomori

Disney Interactive Japan
Emiko Yamamoto
Akiko Tange
Megumi Arai

(c) 2002 Disney

Credits from the Japan PS1 release.
Image Source
© 2002 Tomy / Disney Enterprises