Shanghai: Great Moments
上海 グレートモーメンツ

1997.01.17 Sunsoft

Shanghai: Great Moments

PlayStation Version

Rosalind Chao

General Manager:
Kiharu Yoshida

Project Manager:
Masato Kawai

Kenji Mitobe
Mahito Kida

Graphic Editor:
Takeshi Takeda

Sound and Music by:
Kazuo Nii

Japanese Manual by:
Tatsuya Sakurai

Special Thanks to:
Akito Takeuchi
Kazuhiko Ito

Quality Assurance by:
Hiroki Iwamoto
Tuyoshi Yamada
Takeaki Hayashino

Produced for Activision by:
Tom Sloper

Game design:
Tom Sloper, John Spinale, Peter
Doctorow, Brodie Lockard

Original version technology by:
Quicksilver Software, Inc.
Michael ('mig') Gerard
Michael Donovan Mandap

Mah-Jongg, Romance, and Art tile sets by:
Homer & Associates

Peter Conn

Project Leader:
Lisa Bolstad

Senior Animator:
Duc Phan

Second Animator:
Peter Shapley

Cell Animator:
Barrie Nelson

People, Inventors, and Sci-Fi tile sets by:
R/GA Interactive

Executive Producer:
Steve Schklair

Chris Swain

Animation Design & Direction:
John Rocco & Michael Coy

Music, Space Exploration,
and Events tile sets by:
Berkos & Associates

Craig Berkos

Technical Director:
Ed Haro

Computer Artists:
Doug Millhoff, Ed Haro, Craig Berkos

Production Assistant:
Mary Ellen Barlow

Tile layouts by:
Michael Gerard, Success Corporation,
Ingrid de Beus, Lewis Peterson, Brodie
Lockard, Tom Sloper

Sound and music by:
Soundelux Media Labs

Music & Sound FX Produced by:
Scott Martin Gershin and Alan Rankin

Sound Designers:
Michael Keller, Bryan Bowen, Caron
Weidner, Michael Reagan, Alan Rankin

Music Composition:
Lee Scott, Scott Martin Gershin, Robert
Arbitter, John Scott, Michael Reagan

Additional Audio:
Ben Dehr, Don Dhat

(Note: they're a bunch of wise
guys over there at Soundelux)

Nickerson Research
(Susan Nickerson, Nancy Keystone)
Finders Research Services
(Stanley Ottenstein,
Irene Simmons & Paula Gill)
(Randy Parker)

Video production:
Studio Productions, Hollywood

Video processing and post-production:
Digital Media Lab, Hollywood

Visualize Interactive /P.O.P.,
Santa Monica

Technical Direction:
Dave Mangone

Digital Engineering:
Jim Fancher

Editing & Compositing:
Bob Barzack

Video Engineering:
Don Markus

Ms. Chao's script written by:
Alexa Junge and Tom Sloper

Sound Engineer:
Michael Schwartz

Art Techs and
additional miscellaneous graphics:
Ivan Enriquez, Gary Stevens,
Oliver Galace, Tom Sloper,
Charles Workman, Lance Powell

Ms. Chao represented by:

Special thanks to:
Trish Wright, Larry Goldberg,
Alan Gershenfeld, Bill Swartz, Mika Hayashi,
Joel Rudnick, San-Mar Studio, oEmedia,
Zero Hour Editing, Dubs Incorporated,
The Gillette Company, Dr. Stephen Hawking,
Charles de Mestral, the Henry Ford Museum,
Sandra Morgan, Dr. Guion S. Bluford Jr.,
Gerladine A. Ferraro,
the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation, NASA
Loma L. Onizuka, Alan Shepard,
the heirs of Peter Hodgson,
Tuskegee University,
the 3M Corporation

Great Wall of China (title screen): K. Rogers,
© 1995 Westlight. Tiananmen Square,
Great Wall of China, Yu Yuan Bazaar: *. Heaton,
© 1995 Westlight.
Forbidden City, Summer Palace: M. Yamashita,
© 1995 Westlight.
Hong Kong At Night, Hong King/Junk: R. Lloyd,
© 1995 Westlight.
Shanghai city scene: J. Share,
© 1995 Westlight.
Stone dragon, gold dragon, plum tree, bamboo,
and 3 boys: Words and Pictures, Carl Purcell
and Ann Pur cell. Shanhaiguan:
© 1994 JTB Photo.
Hong Shi Pu, Jiayuguan Pass, Yinchuan,
Hohhot: James L. Stanfield,
© National Geographic Society.
Yanchi: Wu Chunzhan,
© National Geographic Society.
Beijing Great Wall: James P. Blair,
© National Geographic Society.
Jindu Sham, Badaling, "Zunhua": Dean Conger,
© National Geographic Society.
Gansu Province: Bruce Dale,
© National Geographic Society.
Hopeh Province: Edward Kim,
© National Geographic Society.
Carver, Eiffel and Otis:
Telescope, dirigible, Edison, Fulton, steamboat,
Lippershey, Marconi, and von Zeppelin:
Art Resource, NY. VanGogh self-portrait 1:
Bridgeman/Art Resource, NY. Dance Studio,
Dance Class, Bayeux Tapestry,
Cathedral at Rouen Harmony in Blue and Gold,
Venus de Milo: Giraudon/Art Resource,
NY. Dr. Tulp's Anatomy Lesson,
Bedroom of Vincent at Arles, The Scream,
The Clothed Maja, Cathedral of Rouen Full Sun:
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NY. Christ Carrying the Cross, Birth of Venus,
Mona Lisa, King Tutankhamen, Bust of Nefertiti,
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Self-Portrait 2, The Pipe Smoker, Whistler's
Mother, Garden of Love, Portrait of Leo X, The
Creation: Scala/Art Resource, NY./ Gauguin
self-portrait, Toulouse-Lautrec
poster, Shiva, Tahitian Girl on Bed, Jane Avril,
The Alamo, The Bastille, Pilgrims at
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Meets Stanley, Boston Tea Party, Gettysburg,
Washingtoncrossing Delaware, Darwin, Galileo,
Scott Joplin, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Confucius,
Shakespeare, R.E. Lee, B. Franklin, U.S. Grant,
Lincoln, Geronimo, Shogun Ieyasu,
Queen Victoria, Betsy Ross, Annie Oakley,
Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale,
Christopher Columbus, Davy Crockett,
Tutankhamen, Napoleon, Marie Antoinette,
Frederick Douglass, G. Custer,
"Madame Butterfly," Robin Hoot, Maid Marian,
Sleeping Beauty,
Narcissus, Louis XVI, Cyrano, George Sand,
Adam/Eve, "Roxanne," "Casanova's Lover,"
Prince Charming, Czar Nicholas II,
Mary Lincoln, Catherine II, Uncle Sam, Horse,
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Credits from the Japan PS1 release.
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