Death Throttle: Kakuzetsu Toshi kara no Dasshutsu
デススロットル 隔絶都市からの脱出

1996.07.12 Media Quest

Publisher: GAMETEK
Producer: Rod Humble

Developer: IMAGEXCEL
Programming: Kevin Hoare / Ed Zolnieryk
Artwork: Greg Bick / Ray Larabie
Additional Programming: Andy Brownbill

Video: POD Film
Director: John Curran
Title Song: Simon Day
Drake Edgewater: Simon Day
Executive Producer: Steve Curran

"Yellow Beam" CROW (Peter Archer)
"Ingrown" SMUDGE (Tom Morgan)
"Uranium Watch" DAISYGRINDERS (Adam Young /
Andrew Beaman / Rohan Bridge / Andrew Hunter)
"Lie Down Forever" GODSTAR (Nic Dalton)
"Now You Know" SIDEWINDER (N. Craft / M. Craft)
Published for the world by MOO CHEWS / POLYGRAM
appear courtesy of HALF A COW RECORDS

"Weak Will" UNDERGROUND LOVERS (G. Bennie / V. Giarrusso)
Published for the world by POLYGRAM MUSIC
appear courtesy of POLYDOR

"The Driver is You" FAUVES (Andrew Cox)
Published for the world by BLACK PIG / POLYGRAM
MUSIC appear courtesy of POLYDOR

"Whirlwind" HELLMENN
(No other credits applicable)


栗原 和広
Lucky Lion Project ALL STAFF

多賀 カズオ
高橋 渉
栗田 浩司
遠藤 充

栗栖 成美
友? 道弘

Credits from the Japan Saturn release.
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© 1996 Media Quest / Gametek / Imagexcel