The Horde

1996.03.08 BMG Victor

Crystal Dynamics Presents

Saturn Conversion By:

Silicon Knights

Rick Goertz
Project Leader

Doug Tooley
Rick Goertz

Andres Summerfield
Support Programmer

Kevin Gordon
Support Artist

Saturn Conversion By:


Ben Szymkowiak
Assistant Producer

Jeff Kesselman
Stunt Programmer

Katie Bolich
Marketing Manager

Conan Tigard
Test Manager

Serguei Savtchenko
Lead Tester

William Sudderth
Assistant Lead Tester

Ed Chennault
Carline Esmurdoc
Jacob Espinoza
Scott Hill
John Lencioni
Billy Mitchell

Laurence Monji
Abe Navarro
Chris Pappalardo
Raphael Pepi
Kam Ralston
Rodney Rapp

Ilya Reeves
Kenny Reeves
Jeff Sanders
Mari Schaal
Ben Schulz
Sheatiel Sarao

Kevin Seiter
Randy Smaha
Eric Simonich
Jeff Todd
Chris Walker
Matthew Young

Special Thanks to:
Stephen White
Richard Anderson

Original Version By:

Fred Ford
Lead Programmer

Paul Reiche III
Game Design and Fiction

Mike Provenza

Ken Ford
additional programming

Mark Wallace

Burke Treischmann

Inspiration and Guidance by:
Madeline Canepa

Live action sequences directed by:
Robert Weaver

Live action sequences produced by:
Mackenzie Waggaman
Robert Weaver

Kirk Cameron ... Chauncey
Michael Gregory ... Kronus Maelor
Michael McCarthy ... Good King Winthrop
Henry Crowell Jr. ... Herald, Newscaster,
Torture Victim and
Michael Lanning ... Lord #1
Shelley O'Neill ... Lady #1
David Still ... Lord #2
Carol Kline ... Lady #2

Video Production services
provided by:
The Production Team

Additional Artists:
George Barr
Iain McCaig
Mira Ross
Steve Purcell
Paul Reiche III

3D Cinematics:
Cyrus Lum

Marketing Manager:
Scott Steinberg

Video Project Manager:
Julie Young

Video Compression:
John Ratcliff

Additional Musicians:
Dan Nicholson
Riku Nuottajarvi
Eric Berge

Sound Effects:
Paul Reiche III

Video Technicians:
Noah Hughes
Kevin Norr

Bug Busters

Speed Meister:
Dan Hite

Special Thanks To:
Eric Lindstrom
Greg Johnson
Robert Leyland
Greg Hammond

Greg Marques
Gregg Tavares
Andy Mitchell
Eric Hammond
Dave "You can count on me" Kirk
Muther's Recording studio

...and of course, cows across the world.

Credits from the Japan Saturn release.
Image Source
© 1996 BMG Victor / Crystal Dynamics