Oracle no Houseki: Jewels of the Oracle
オラクルの宝石 Jewels of the Oracle

1996.10.18 Sunsoft

Courtland Shakespeare

Paul Chato

Interface & Lead Programming
Russell Lowke

Conceived and Designed by
Courtland Shakespeare

3D Design and Modelling
Janet Taylor
Paul Chato

Additional Puzzle Programming
Leslie Pere

Navigation Framework
Seaside Software

Object Oriented Programming
Nigel Doyle

Music and Sound Effects
Steven Sauvé

Assistant to ELOI Productions
Sheryl Thompson

Associate Producer
Aurel Langlois

Texture Photography
Melissa Rogers, Sheryl Thompson, Alison Taylor

Woodwind Musician
Ron Allen

PC Help
Mike Hull

For Discis:

Chief Executive Officer
John Lowry

David Lowry

Vice President, Licensing and Acquisitions
Richard Wah Kan

Executive in Charge of Production
Anne-Marie Huurre

Product Manager and Marketing
Sidney Oziel

Discis Software Development

V.P., Research and Development
Sheila Crossey

Chief Software Architect
Ian Cavén

Andrew Forget
David Polk
Natalia Startseva
Andrew Platzer
Toby Walker
Joseph Scheuhammer

Test Specialist
Terence Lai

Discis Affiliate Label Program: Richard Wah Kan
The Rest of the Discis Team

Special Thanks

Tom Wujec for letting us borrow some of his jewels

Global Strategy Financial Inc. for lending us some CPU cycles
Ken Whitehurst, Ramona Chato

Matthew Shakespeare for the Maze

Victoria Stewart

Will Powell of Apple Canada Inc.

All those brave souls who spent
endless hours of fun testing the game


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Published and Distributed by Discis Knowledge Research Inc.
Produced by ELOI Productions Inc.

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All rights reserved.

Jewels of the Oracle is a trademark of Discis Knowledge Research Inc.


Hisanori Fukuoka
Kenji Kawabata
Yuichi Murasawa
Kyoichi Murata

Koji Kurita
Mithuru Endo
Kazuo Taga

Production co-operation
XCentury Studios

Copyright 1996 SUNSOFT

Credits from the Japan Saturn release.
Image Source
© 1996 Sunsoft / Discis Knowledge Research / ELOI Productions