SimCity 2000

1995.09.29 SEGA Enterprises

SimCity 2000 for SEGASATURN


Mamoru Shigeta

Yutaka Sugano

Takaharu Terada

Yoji Ishii
Makoto Oshitani
Jin Shimazaki
James Spahn
Shuichi Katagi
Miho Takayanagi

The Maxis development team for a
great job.


Fred Haslam & Will Wright spent
altogether too much of their lives
thinking about SimCity 2000 and
bringing their thoughts to life on the

Greg Kearney, Paul Kerchen & Cort
Oi managed to squeeze an already
complicated game into the confines of
the Saturn and still find a few tricks
up their collective sleeves to add even
more cool stuff.

Kevin O'Hare doctored up a perfectly
good version of SCURK DOS so we
could use it as a tool for importing the
building tile sets.

Byrt Martinez made sure everyone
was doing what they were supposed
to be doing, even though he really
didn't know what he was doing. (It's
not easy being green.)

Tom Forge made sure no one else in
the company knew about it. Thanks,

Michael Murguia, Rick Macaraeg &
Byrt Martinez designed, built, and
rendered the 3D artwork to bring the
SimCity 2000 artwork to a new level.
Not to mention the gratuitous lens
flares, but we won't mention that.
Vertex pushers!
Gotta love 'em.

Sharon Perry made sure every other
single pixel pushed by Shannon
Galvin, Mimi Macaraeg, Charlie
Aquilina, Bonnie Borucki and Kok Wee
Lim, was in its proper place and color.

Sue Kasper, Brian Conrad, and Justin
McCormick gave up promising careers
as karaoke singers to create the
music for SimCity 2000.

The Maxis Sample Heds stayed up dark
nights in late rooms making weird
noises into microphones.

Brian Conrad also sat in the bow of
the boat and beat his drum. Not to
mention that new keyboard he used
for the intro music, but we won't
mention that either.

Fred Haslam, Debra Larson and Chris
Welas VERBed over an ADJECTIVE
NOUN for hours on end to create the

Thanks also to Chris Blackwell,
Heather Mace, Jason Shankel, and Jim
Turner for their help in navigating
through some of the more
"interesting" parts of SimCity 2000's

Newspaper pics provided by Lori
Reese & Archive Photos of New York

To ground ourselves in reality we
called upon:
Bruce Joffe
(GIS Consultant),
Craig Christenson
(National Renewable Energy
Ray Gatchalian
(Oakland Fire Department),
Diane L. Zahm
(Florida Department of Law

Alan Barton had to force Marc Meyer,
Scott Shicoff, Joe Longworth, Michael
Gilmartin, Cathy Castro, John
Landes, Jussi Ylinen, Will Ho, and
Keith Meyer to play SimCity 2000 for
hours at gun point and make sure
everything worked like it was
supposed to. May Wong also put this
version through its paces, though not
at gun point.

Everyone who worked on the project
felt for one reason or another these
people deserved special mention:

Sam Poole for having a good enough
sense of humor to not fire everyone
and go into business for himself.

Joe Scirica for making sure we stayed
out of jail, passed Go and collected

Jeff Braun, who loves Maxis, runs
Maxis, and IS Maxis (and we thank him
for that).

Fred Gerson, for handing out those
juicy $200 bills after we all passed

Deborah Gross for making sure Maxis
is happy, staffed, and PC.

Robin Harper for coordinating,
coagulating, and motivating our
rippin' marketing and PR teams.

Bob Derber, who could sue us for not
including him in these credits. (and for
the tasty squid)

Andy Derber, the disco-lovin',
pig-farmin', phone-jackin', MIS kinda

Jimbo, Mike Perry, John Csicsery,
Claire Curtain, Roxy Wolosenko,
Andy Larson and the other Mike
(Wyman) for their excellent guidance,
and constructive (or was it
destructive?) criticism.

Michael Wyman & Bob Sombrio for
special news bulletins.

Everyone else who punches the clock
at Maxis (like it's the worst job we
could find).

The folks at Sega (especially Osamu
Shibamiya) who answered our pesky

Credits from the Japan Saturn release.
Image Source
© 1995 SEGA Enterprises / Maxis